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This journal is now friends only. If you want to be added just comment here and tell me where you found my journal and what we have in common.

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Kraft Celebration Tour

LJ ate my last two posts, so I'm going to try this again.

I don't know if you have heard about the Kraft Celebration Tour, but it is being put on by TSN. Basically, two communities go up against each other and the one with the most votes wins $25,000 to go towards the community and they also get to host an episode of TSN.

This year my town, Arborg, is going up against another Manitoban town and we really need the money. The money would go towards a new track at the high school, some new equipment, fixing up the grounds, etc.

So if you're not doing anything on July 21-July 22 (noon eastern - 11:59am eastern) I would appreciate it if you could throw some votes our way and spread the word. Voting is unlimited for all Canadians at www.kraftcelebrationtour.ca

Also, if you want to see our page it is here at http://www.kraftcelebrationtour.ca/nominations/detail/435/?page=1   It lists the things that the money will go towards and it has postings by people from the community on why you should vote for us.

Thanks for reading and tell anyone you know :)

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